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JLBC: Public Speaking

JLBC: Public Speaking

Session 1 (all day)

Title: Welcome desk

Aim (why this session?):

• To register participants and make them feel welcome

• To give participants details about EYC and the program

• To check participant details

• To collect travel reimbursement forms and tickets

• To provide a tour of the facilities

Description (what happened?):

A registration desk was set up near the entrance: participants came to the desk when they arrived and received information about the study session and the European Youth Centre. A tour of the venue was provided (eating room, meeting room, gym, laundry, sleeping rooms, etc.).

Session 2 (Evening program)

Title: My designer t-shirt

Aim (why this session?):

• JLBC Cadets Get to know each other at the start of the week and at the end to collect some kind words from fellow participants

• To build confidence and form a cohesive group

• Have a lovely souvenir to take home!

Description (what happened?):

Each participant bought a plain white T-shirt

and there was a selection of special pens for

writing on t-shirts. We designed our t-

The shirt included our name, organization, and country. We also had to design our own logo/mascot on the t-shirt to represent ourselves, for example, showing a hobby we do, a caricature of ourselves, or a personal symbol.

Then we walked around wearing the t-shirt and met each other and asked the following questions:

• What is your name?

• What country do you come from?

• What does your logo represent?

T-shirts were then pegged up in the entire room for the week.

Outcomes (what have you learned?):

Knowledge about each other, get to know their names, roles in organizations, and something about their personality.

What can you bring back home from this day?

A very unique and colorful t-shirt with a lot of good memories!

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