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JLBC: Public Speaking

JLBC: Public Speaking

Session 1 (9:00–11:00)

Title: Opening session

Aim (why this session?):

• To get to know each other better

• To get an overview of the program

• To get practical details for the week

Description (what happened?):

After a welcome & introduction from the prep team

members, we played some games to get to know

each other better. This was a lot of fun and

everybody felt more at home after the games.

Then we heard a welcome speech from Ms. Antje Rothemund, the Executive Director of the European Youth Centre. She gave us an inspiring speech about her personal leadership experiences and informed us about the Council of Europe's Competency Inventory. This resource tool identifies the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and behavior the Council of Europe staff need to fulfill their mission. It is an exciting tool for human resources management.

After that, we talked about the aims and objectives of the seminar and how they link to the program. Then we agreed on some basic rules for the week and decided on how to run the social committee.

Outcomes (what have you learned?):

The study sessions' aims, program, and practical procedures were communicated to participants.

What can you bring back home from this day?

Council of Europe's Competency Inventory presentation.

Session 2 (11:30–13:00):

Title: Our organizations and our expectations

Aim (why this session?):

• To know the three organizations

• To realize our fears and expectations

• To know how to reflect on the daily lessons learned

Description (what happened?):

First, we heard presentations on the three organizations involved: the Council of Europe (CoE), European Confederation of Youth Clubs (ECYC), and Rural Youth Europe (Europe).

Next, we talked about our fears and expectations for the study session. The prep team had drawn a large plane and asked the participants to cut out suitcases, suns, and flashlights. We wrote our fears into the flashlight, the expectations for the sun, and the things we wanted to take home into the suitcase. Then we placed all the stuff around the plane and presented them to others.

In the end, we formed the reflection groups and learned how to work in them. We started the groups so that countries, organizations, and male/female participants were evenly split. The idea was that in the groups, we should every day reflect on our learning process and give feedback about the program.

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