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JLBC Providing Positive Feedback

JLBC Providing Positive Feedback

The purpose here is to encourage the staff member to talk about their excellent work and for you to reinforce it so they will continue their good performance. Say little, but listen a lot. Ask a range of open-ended questions.

JLBC Positive Feedback: the Process

  1. JLBC Cadets State and describe in specific terms what the staff member did well. Describe precisely the actual behavior and actions.

  2. Indicate the positive impact of their behavior or actions.

  3. Ask them for their input with open-ended questions like:

• What do you believe contributed to the positive performance?

• What do you believe you did exceptionally well?

• What did you learn that could be applied to other work or projects in the future?

• How can you share your experience/learning with others in the team?

  1. Explore and reinforce their suggestions. Set some goals and describe the positive consequences resulting from them following through on their goals.

JLBC Providing Corrective Feedback

If something has developed that you feel needs to change, here are some tips on how to lead the process as a positive coaching experience where you show interest in rectifying any performance issues to the benefit of the individual as well as the broader team or organization.

First, consider consulting with your Human Resources department to ensure you are aware of their preferred practices and the mechanisms they have in place for performance evaluation. Tell them your concerns and ask what resources they provide to help improve an employee’s behavior.

Second, schedule a private meeting in an appropriate setting. In this intimate conversation with your employee, you will describe the behavior clearly and precisely, remembering that your intent is not to blame, judge, or accuse.

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