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JLBC Proposal for Leadership Development Training

JLBC Proposal for Leadership Development Training

JLBC Objective

To provide the JLBC leader or leaders of organization development in strategy, business theory, and practice that will help them achieve their and their organization’s goals. The activity will cover the procedure, personal productivity, effective communication, effective delegation, techniques to genuinely empower the JLBC team, effective meetings, recruiting and developing the right team, objective setting, and creating a culture that supports high-performance teams.


• To provide 35 hours of leadership training and development over approximately 12 months.

• The JLBC meetings would be approximately 2 hours long but can be shorter or longer to suit.

• JLBC Cadets It is proposed that we meet once per month. However, this is flexible.

• JLBC Cadets The meeting format is flexible to cope with your current challenges.

•JLBC Cadets Depending on your needs at the time, I can provide: theory, tried and tested models, the experience of how others solve problems, diagnostic tools, a network of contacts, a listening ear, and of course,,, the odd push to get actions completed.

• JLBC Cadets The first meeting will determine the initial focus. JLBC Cadets However, this usually starts with understanding what you or your JLBC organization needs to achieve.

• JLBC Cadets The meeting structure will generally follow a similar process:

Review progress of actions from the previous JLBC meeting.

Review & discuss current challenges or challenges arising from previously

identified actions.

Throughout the meeting, agree on subsequent actions. The handwritten notes should be photocopied so that they are immediately available to you for action.

• The underlying goal throughout the meetings is to increase your knowledge and application of proven business tools and techniques so that they will form part of your management toolkit once learned.

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