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JLBC Program Procedures

JLBC Program Procedures

JLBC Nutrition

JLBC Cadets, we provide one healthy snack for any child who attends our After School Program. Additional snacks can be brought with a child, but they must be nut and peanut-free due to allergies.

Life-Threatening Allergies (Anaphylaxis)

JLBC strives to protect the people in our center who have life-threatening allergies by reducing as much as possible exposure to their known allergens.

Any parent/guardian of a child with a life-threatening injury is responsible for providing JLBC with detailed information about their child’s known allergens, signs and symptoms of an allergic response, and the steps to take in an emergency before their child starts care. It is also imperative that parent’s/guardians inform JLBC staff anytime there is a change in a child’s allergies.

Health and Illness

JLBC Cadets Young children do not have a fully developed immune system. Therefore your child experiencing some illness while in child care should be expected.

You can help prevent the spread of illness by keeping you or your child in our care home from the center anytime you/they have the following signs and symptoms of the infectious disease until symptoms have stopped for at least 24 hours or a doctor has determined that it is not a contagious illness.

- A temperature above 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit)

- Difficult or rapid breathing or a severe cough

- Vomiting more than twice in the last 24 hours

- Unexplained (i.e., not due to diet or medication) diarrhea more than twice in the

last 24 hours

- Sore throat, especially if accompanied by a fever

- Undiagnosed skin rash

- Persistent scratching of the body or head

- Eyes are red

If your child experiences any of the signs and symptoms of infectious illness listed above while attending our program, the JLBC staff will contact you or who is authorized pick-up to take your child home. JLBC Cadets While your child waits for you or your designate to arrive, they will be separated from the other children until it is determined they do not have a contagious illness.

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