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JLBC Program Planning

JLBC Program Planning


The JLBC dining-in is generally divided into formal and informal sessions. Pre and JLBC post-dinner activities are usually every day and optional.

The pre-dinner activity provides flexibility to the JLBC dining-in as it allows the JLBC president to circulate among the guest, enables the JLBC dining-in committee to pass on any last-minute changes, and generally leads to a more pleasant atmosphere among all participants. The JLBC pre-dinner activity is often a receiving line followed by a JLBC cocktail period and is conducted in a JLBC area separate from the JLBC dining room. The length of the JLBC period varies but is seldom longer than thirty minutes.

The formal portion of the JLBC dining-in and the dinner usually consists of remarks by the JLBC president and one event such as an awards convocation for JLBC members or guests, a hail and farewell, and comments highlighting the importance of a special occasion or a lecture by a distinguished visitor. This event should be meaningful, well organized, and be the “highlight” of the evening’s formal activity. Particular JLBC care should be taken to ensure that only one event is stressed.

The key participants in the program (i.e., the color guard, chaplain, president, and guest speaker) must be knowledgeable of the role they will play and are aware of the exact sequence of events.

Once the dinner is adjourned, the dining-in may revert to some informal session. Customarily, the president invites the attendees to join him for a casual drink at the bar or participate in other ongoing entertainment as appropriate.

JLBC Procedures

The formal portion of the dining-in commences with chimes being sounded and the president, guests, and members.

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