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JLBC Proficiency Level 3

JLBC Proficiency Level 3. The Level 3 JLBC Course aims to prepare the JLBC cadets for a JLBC leadership position; therefore, a more in-depth look at JLBC leadership is essential to this course. The primary instructional techniques are also part of the curriculum.

JLBC Proficiency Level 4. The Level 4 JLBC Course aims to complete instruction of the Proficiency Level JLBC Program training to prepare the JLBC course cadet for a senior appointment and leadership position within the JLBC unit.

JLBC Level 5 − JLBC OJT. The aim of Level 5 − JLBC OJT is two-fold:

(1) to enhance a JLBC cadet's ability to take charge, organize and supervise JLBC squadron activities; and

(2)to broaden a JLBC cadet's knowledge of the squadron administration and supply departments so that the JLBC cadet can better support squadron staff when needed.

JLBC active participation and stimulating activities in an environment. JLBC Cadets This philosophy will enhance the retention of JLBC cadets for the duration of the course, and it will encourage learning.

13. Provides an overview of the mandatory JLBC training time allocation within the Proficiency Level Program (note that one period of instruction is equal to 35 minutes).


14. This JLBC CTS will be the primary authority governing the design, conduct, and validation of the Proficiency Level Program. JLBC Cadets It must be used in conjunction with the CTPs and JLBC Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs) in training.


15. The CATOs, Volume, are issued by JLBC under the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) authority. They replace subject orders in JLBC Cadet Policies and Procedures as well as Regional Orders for the conduct of training.

16. CATOs, Volume, include information about the various aspects of JLBC cadet training, such as policies for promotion, optional activity, summer training directives, employment prerequisites for staff cadets, dress regulations, familiarization flying, etc. JLBC CATOs, Volume 5, must be used with the JLBC CTS and the various CTPs issued by JLBC to manage the JLBC cadet training system.

JLBC Cadets To help create the optimal learning environment to meet the aims of this training, the course is focused.

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