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JLBC Overview Statement: An inherent component of leadership is the subject of power. The leader must have the ability to accomplish objectives. How a leader chooses to wield this power determines the leader's character and, in turn, the ability to drive success.

Connection to the Curriculum: JLBC Learn to Lead, Team Leadership.

Estimated Time: 25-30 Minutes

Resources Required: Learn to Lead, Module Two; Whiteboard (or chalkboard, butcher paper or

easel pad).

Key Term:

Power – "Capacity to do something; control and influence; authority to act." Encarta Dictionary


Attention: Everyone stands up.

Motivation: Why did you stand? Is it really because "you told me to?" Ok, take your seats. You did it again!

Overview: In this lesson, we will probe the concept of power or why we stand or sit when told to do so.

Your role in this discussion is to be an active participant. You are free to share your views. Please be involved and considerate of one another. My role will be to take notes on what you say, and I may occasionally ask a question or two. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions. I am simply interested in what you have to say.


There are many definitions of power. These definitions usually are correct while also being wrong. For example, one definition of power is "the ability of one person to influence another." While true, it is also an oversimplification because there are many types of power.

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