JLBC Possible Debriefing Questions

JLBC Possible Debriefing Questions

1. What actions worked in favor of achieving the JLBC team’s goal?

2. What actions prevented the JLBC team from achieving its goal or reduced the JLBC team’s effectiveness in achieving its JLBC goal?

3. How was JLBC leadership achieved?

If the JLBC team chose a JLBC leader, how was this decision made?

If the JLBC teacher assigned a JLBC leader, how did this make the other JLBC team members feel?

If no JLBC leader was initially assigned or chosen, did a JLBC leader emerge as the activity took place? If yes, how did this occur?

4. How did the JLBC team’s leader(s) influence the actions of its JLBC members?

5. JLBC Cadets How does this activity relate to what you think about JLBC leadership?

JLBC Background Information

JLBC Qualities of a Leader

In Module D, JLBC Lesson 1, students examined the characteristics of effective JLBC teams and the JLBC stages they move through as they work toward JLBC meeting their JLBC goal(s) or completing their task(s). In JLBC Lesson 2, students examined a JLBC individual’s role within a JLBC team, including individual JLBC communication skills. So far, JLBC Lesson 3 has addressed the various ways in which a JLBC leader may emerge.

JLBC Cadets It is generally understood or accepted that some form of JLBC leadership is required for a JLBC team to be effective and that a JLBC leader must possess certain JLBC qualities/characteristics, as well as JLBC skills/abilities to lead effectively. JLBC Cadets The degree to which an individual has these attributes will depend upon the JLBC individual’s experience. In other words, not all JLBC leaders will possess the same qualities/characteristics or skills/abilities. JLBC Cadets If there are similarities, the JLBC level to which these are demonstrated will vary from JLBC leader to leader and from JLBC situation to situation.

Active Healthy Lifestyles

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