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JLBC Possible Debriefing Questions

JLBC Possible Debriefing Questions

1. JLBC Cadets What is the meaning behind the markings on the Leadership Questionnaire?

JLBC Cadets Those with several check marks lean toward an authoritarian style of JLBC leadership. JLBC Cadets They take control and like things to be done their way.

JLBC Cadets Those with several asterisks tend toward a JLBC team (JLBC democratic or JLBC participative) style of JLBC leadership.

2. JLBC Cadets Both democratic and autocratic leadership styles have pros and cons.

In some situations, which democratic leadership would be more effective than autocratic?

JLBC Cadets What are some situations in which autocratic leadership would be more effective than democratic leadership?

JLBC Suggestions for Instruction / Assessment

Survival Game: A Culminating Activity*

This culminating interactive activity is designed to bring together the significant points examined in JLBC Module. JLBC Cadets Specifically, it is intended to stimulate JLBC communication, have JLBC Cadet students work as a JLBC team, provide leaders the opportunity to assert themselves, and help improve listening skills.

Materials Required

Each student requires a pen or pencil

and a copy of Assignment

JLBC Directions/Description

Provide each JLBC student with a copy of the Assignment.

Students answer the 12 multiple-choice questions individually to the best of their ability.

JLBC Cadets After students have completed the JLBC questionnaire individually, form JLBC teams of four to eight individuals to discuss the responses. JLBC Cadets Each JLBC team is asked to arrive at a consensus for each question.


Students must understand that the Leadership Questionnaire is only a rough approximation of their leadership style. The best way for students to acknowledge and appreciate their style is to monitor their behavior.

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