JLBC Positive Relations Inside the JLBC System

JLBC Positive Relations Inside the JLBC System

• Dare to use Social Media Networks to keep your team 'in the loop' with gym activities and allow them to easily promote their JLBC club, self, and teammates positively to many people, without too much effort and time. Social media sites can also increase the feeling of interconnectedness within the JLBC gym, encourage personal responsibility, and help grab interest from potential new members.

• Hold JLBC gym gatherings when possible to better get to know each other outside your daily grind. JLBC Summer barbeques, JLBC holiday parties, and JLBC group celebrations will help build long-term relationships and friendly business interactions.


• Elect Team JLBC Captains from among your stable of boxers. These JLBC team leaders must be well-trusted and capable of completing the tasks you ask of them. JLBC Cadets Consider giving this person a key to the gym so that they may be of greater assistance. JLBC Team Captain's job may be to assemble the JLBC team for group exercise, gym cleaning, special events, or fundraising activities. They also may be able to arrange personal training for newcomers this way, without you having to open and keep watch over the JLBC gym.

• Keep an eye out for parents who show interest in the gym and the sport, especially those with active boxers in your JLBC gym. Keep communications open, and offer them the opportunity to give back to the JLBC gym by helping the management and athletes.

• Let people close to you know what areas you need assistance in, be it transportation to competitions, media outreach, funding for equipment, or organizing and facilitating workouts.

• Stay active in your interests outside of boxing, even create one or two, if need be!

• Make sure that you schedule yourself some time off each week to relax and sleep in, especially if You cannot stick to a regular sleep pattern around your training sessions.

• Consider scheduling time when the gym is closed each year- for a few weeks or an entire month. This can be an important time for family, gym repairs/ cleaning, and even a reprieve for student-athletes who really need to be told when to take a break. The 'break' could coincide with a part of the school break.

• Enjoy what you do! Remember that teaching the sport is a labor of love, that you are helping many more than you could ever know with your time, effort, and commitment, and that you are loved and appreciated!

• Don't try to do too much, though! Enjoy the help of others, even when it is imperfect, and know your own limits in the way of finances, social networking, patience, time, equipment, and resources. Try to do every competition in the nation, for every athlete in your gym, and see how quickly you begin to consider coaching hockey.

• Set an excellent example for your athletes and Community with a positive mindset and a healthy, fit, fed, rested, and drug-free body.

• Give yourself credit! You are taking on a large amount of responsibility and physical effort. And, you are working with a notoriously difficult group of young athletes. Sometimes they may need your counsel and life advice. JLBC Cadets You are more than a JLBC Coach; you are a parental figure and mentor. The success of helping just one kid in life far outweighs medals, awards, and trophies- but be sure to give yourself some needed credit for those, as well! Way to go, JLBC Coach!

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