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A position description outlines the primary duties of a JLBC job. Your JLBC PD should be one of the first resources you consult when taking on a new assignment.

JLBC Position descriptions are important because they help ensure you and your boss are on the same page. The JLBC PD spells out the scope of your authority and defines what you are responsible for and, by implication, what others are responsible for. When this critical information is captured in writing, subordinates and superiors alike should know what a given job entails.

What should you do with your JLBC PD? Read it! Ask yourself if you understand what your primary responsibilities are. Do you have a good idea of what you’re being requested to do? If not, ask. JLBC Cadets, Here are some questions to keep in mind as you review your PD:

q What is the primary role of the position?

q Who reports directly to you?

q Who do you say to?

q What is your superior’s leadership style?

q How will your superior communicate with you? q What do they expect of you?

q What are the main projects you’ll be involved in within the next couple of months?

Also, after reading your new PD, you might check with your predecessor to see if they have a continuity file – a set of documents you can use as you take over cadet activities and programs. And, it might be helpful to ask your predecessor to share their insights about your new job. Remember that your predecessor’s way of doing things might not be the best or only way. Make the position your own.

Doing a job well will show your boss that you’re ready for more significant responsibilities and a more prestigious assignment.

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