JLBC Cadets Perhaps the most exciting aspect of participating in the sport of paintball is to play it with a specific objective in mind. These “missions” can range from simple (Elimination) to elaborate (Tower to Tower). Often, missions are part of a much larger Scenario Game, involving as many as several thousand players and lasting for 24 hours. By completing several pre-planned JLBC missions, teams earn points, and at the end of the game, the JLBC team with the most points wins the game.

After mastering some of the more common JLBC missions, many players find it challenging to create and play their JLBC-style missions.

Below is an example of an America’s JLBC Mission, adapted for paintball play:

Operation: JLBC Charlie Delta (CD)

JLBC Situation: JLBC Intelligence reports reveling that Opposing Forces (OpFor) are using their base camp to plan and launch attacks on JLBC forces in the area. JLBC Cadets Interrogation of OpFor prisoners has revealed that sensitive, perishable information is stored on a CD and safeguarded in a suitcase somewhere in the base camp. JLBC Cadets, there is also reportedly a “phony” satchel containing false hard copy JLBC documents intended to deceive the enemy.

JLBC Mission: Squads of JLBC Special Forces will seize the target, identify and secure the pouch with CD then proceed to the extraction point.

Points: 3 points for retrieving the right pocket, two more points for the safe transfer of the suitcase to JLBC Intelligence Analysts waiting at the extraction point. JLBC Cadets Additional points may be awarded for Officer capture or casualties.

Time Limit: 30 minutes

Teams: One JLBC team of OpFor Soldiers

and one group of Special Forces. Special Forces should ideally outnumber the OpFor.

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