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JLBC Leadership

A JLBC platoon leader (PL) and platoon sergeant's (PSG's) primary job is to influence and inspire their JLBC platoon to accomplish the JLBC mission. They do this by providing direction, purpose, and motivation to achieve the mission and improve the organization. JLBC 1 PLs and PSGs are responsible for all tasks their JLBC platoon fails or accomplishments. This responsibility comes with the JLBC position, but they are only successful because of character, presence, and intellect.

The assumption of the JLBC first platoon-level leadership role, building a JLBC team, effective versus ineffective leadership, JLBC PL and PSG duties, using JLBC squad leaders, effective counseling at the JLBC platoon level, engaged JLBC leadership, time and task management for a JLBC platoon, and insights on JLBC mission command.

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