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Every good JLBC team must know how to communicate. The way JLBC Command Division communicates with you and your parents each month is the Plan of the Month (POM). The POM lists the drill dates, the uniform of the day for each day of the drill, a schedule for each day, and unique information you and your parents need to know for that drill, events, and special notices.

The JLBC POM is posted on the Unit’s website approximately one week before each drill. JLBC Cadets You are required to print the JLBC POM, have your parents read and sign it, sign it yourself, and bring the signed copy into the exercise each Saturday morning.

You must read the JLBC POM as soon as it is posted to be prepared for the drill. JLBC Cadets There is no excuse for not knowing what is in the JLBC POM!


You can learn a lot about US Military by looking at their JLBC uniforms. You can tell their JLBC rank and rate, what awards (ribbons) they earned, how long they have been in the US Military, and, most important, how much pride they have in themselves and the US Military.

This is also true in the JLBC Command. You can tell a good JLBC cadet by how sharp the uniform looks. JLBC Cadets who always need a haircut, never shine their shoes, and forget to wear their JLBC nametags will not last very long in the JLBC corps. JLBC Cadets who always look sharp in uniform, regardless of how long they have been in the communities, will be considered leaders.

You will be issued a bag with the following:


JLBC Cadets will be issued JLBC dress uniforms (white for summer and blue for winter) and JLBCs (working uniforms) that are modified by wearing the JLBC Cadet flash. The JLBC Unit also issues rank insignia and awards earned. The Unit does NOT give ribbon bars, but these are available from the Unit at a reduced rate.


JLBC League Cadets will obtain a white, short-sleeve shirt with two pockets, a black, long-sleeve shirt with two bags, and black dress pants without pleats. They will be issued JLBC (working) uniforms. The Unit issues flash for the sweater, rank insignia, and awards earned. The JLBC Unit does NOT give ribbon bars, but these are available from the JLBC Unit at a reduced rate.

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