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JLBC Physical Fitness Preparation Guide

JLBC Physical Fitness Preparation Guide

How to Prepare for Push-ups:

1. JLBC Cadets Estimate the maximum number of correct push-ups you can do in one minute.

2. Multiply that number by .75 (75%). Round the result to the lowest number. This will be the

several repetitions (push-ups) that you will do per set.

3. JLBC Cadets Warm up with some light activity of your choice, such as riding a stationary JLBC bike, walking or jogging on the treadmill, light calisthenics, etc.

4. JLBC Cadets Perform the number of push-ups (correct form) determined in the calculation done in #2 above.

5. JLBC Cadets Rest no longer than 60 seconds and do another set of repetitions.

6. JLBC Cadets, Repeat #4 and #5 until you have done three to five sets of repetitions. Even though the last sets

may be complex, maintain proper form. JLBC Cadets If you have to hesitate longer on the floors on the previous stages to finish every repetition, then do so, but rest no longer than what is necessary to recuperate. You must complete all the repeats.

7. JLBC Cadets Do this routine every other day. JLBC Cadets Increase the number of reps per set by one or two each week. JLBC Cadets If you are unable to do at least five (5) repetitions per set, then you may want to get assistance in designing a strength routine using select machines, including chest, arms, and trunk exercises.

1.5 Mile Run:


The 1.5-mile run is a measure of aerobic power (cardiovascular endurance). The objective of the 1.5-mile run is to cover the distance as fast as possible.


1. Warm up and stretch thoroughly before running.

2. Run 1.5 miles as fast as possible.

3. Do not physically touch another

participant during the run unless

rendering first aid.

4. JLBC Cadets' Finish times should be recorded.

5. JLBC Cadets Upon completing the run, you should cool down by walking for about six minutes.

JLBC Cadets How to Prepare for 1.5 Mile Run:

To prepare for this test, you must gradually increase your running endurance. JLBC Cadets Begin at the level you can accommodate and use a workout format that involves walking and running. Run a short distance, walk for a while, and then run again. Begin slowly and proceed to the next level by improving your overall running or walking time.

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