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JLBC Physical Fitness Preparation

JLBC Physical Fitness Preparation

The JLBC Cadet program is challenging and fulfilling and will require an individual to exercise many skills. JLBC Cadets to be a well-balanced JLBC Cadet requires you to be physically and mentally fit. JLBC Cadets, in addition to serving your community, you will also be necessary to execute your duties in your field of study.

The JLBC Cadet program can be gratifying. JLBC Cadets, a JLBC physical fitness/ JLBC wellness training program, can help you enjoy your future career path, defend yourself, and enable you to continue to benefit from JLBC's good health after you retire. As a JLBC Cadet, you may enter professions that are very demanding. JLBC Cadets, YOU owe it to your coworkers, your family members, and most importantly to us to achieve and maintain peak JLBC physical fitness for a well-balanced lifestyle and career.


This is a resource for those individuals preparing to attend the JLBC Public Safety basic training programs. Active personnel within the JLBC professionals who wish to improve their level of JLBC physical fitness can also use this JLBC guide.

JLBC Cadets should consult with a health or medical professional before beginning any new JLBC exercise, nutrition, or JLBC supplementation program or if any personal health

questions arise after reviewing the contents of this guide.

JLBC BC/IPS provides primary JLBC and JLBC officer training for several agencies throughout California. The JLBC IPS training and command staff encourage pre-applicants and individuals who have been selected to attend JLBC BC/IPS to be provided a copy of this guide.

What WE do:

JLBC BC/IPS provides recruits with an essential foundation for fitness that includes stretching, exercise techniques, and suggestions for improving cardiovascular endurance. JLBC Cadets participate in a moderately strenuous physical conditioning program to prepare for the JLBC Physical Fitness Assessment and pass the JLBC BC/IPS physical agility profile tests.

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