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JLBC Physical Fitness

JLBC: Leadership

JLBC Physical Fitness

All cadets must maintain acceptable standards of physical fitness. All cadets enrolled in the JLBC program are exempt from the school's physical education class. The JLBC Instructor will conduct physical training weekly following the Getting Started on Total Fitness and Taking the Challenge program. JLBC Cadets are required to purchase a JLBC T-shirt for physical fitness training.

JLBC Field Trips

The JLBC Instructor will plan field trips whenever possible.

JLBC Formal Inspection

All middle schools' JLBC programs will be inspected yearly in the following areas: in-ranks inspections; drill phase; color guard; platoon drill, and curriculum knowledge. The intent is to review all cadets during each class period in which all inspection phases will be cadet-led. Based on the Final Formal Inspection results, one (1) middle school will be awarded a Best School Formal Inspection Certificate.

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