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JLBC Physical Education Domains:

JLBC Physical Education Domains:


● Motor Skill Development

Movement Skills and Concepts o Strategy

Sportsmanship, Rules, and Safety

● Fitness


Physical Activity Practices:

● JLBC Cadets Maintains physical, social, and emotional health by practicing healthy behaviors and goal setting.

● JLBC Cadets Engage in a physically active lifestyle.

● JLBC Cadets Is knowledgeable about health and wellness and how to access health resources.

● JLBC Cadets Recognizes the influence of media, technology, and culture in making informed health-related decisions as a consumer of health

products and services.

● Practices effective cross-cultural communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution skills, and negotiation,

● JLBC Cadets Is accepting and respectful of individual and cultural differences.

● JLBC Cadets Advocates for personal, family, community, and global wellness and is knowledgeable about national and international public

health and safety issues.

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