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JLBC Physical Education Curriculum Guide Grade 6

JLBC Physical Education Curriculum Guide Grade 6

JLBC Unit 10/Option #2: Striking Skills--Badminton* Suggested Time: 3 JLBC Weeks

JLBC *Note: Teachers choose to teach Unit 10 Striking Skills Option #1 JLBC Paddle Ball or Option #2 Badminton.

JLBC Standards Instructional Activities & Resources Equipment

Manipulative Skills

JLBC Strike a ball continuously against a wall and with a partner, using a paddle for forehand and backhand strokes.

JLBC Strike an object consistently, using an implement so that the thing travels in the intended direction at the desired height. Combination of Movement Patterns and Skills

1.9 Combine relationships, levels, speed, directions, and pathways in complex individual and group activities.

JLBC Combine motor skills to play a lead-up or modified game.

JLBC Movement Concepts

JLBC Explain how to increase force based on the principles of biomechanics

JLBC Explain how impact force is reduced by increasing the duration of impact.

JLBC Analyze and correct errors in movement patterns.

JLBC Provides feedback to a partner to assist in developing and improving movement skills. Manipulative Skills

JLBC Explain the role of the legs, shoulders, and forearm in the forearm pass.

JLBC Identify how much time is necessary to prepare for and begin a forehand and backhand swing.

JLBC Illustrates how the intended direction of an object is affected by the angle of the implement or body part at the time of contact.

JLBC Week 1: Basic Racquet Skills (grip, ready position, footwork, stroking technique) (See Ready-to-Use,)

Shuttlecock hitting – stationary and walking while hitting the shuttlecock to self continuously (Ready-to-Use, pg.)

Carry the Bird Relay (Ready-to-Use, pg.)

Small circle hitting

Week 2: Continue Forehand/Backhand Practice; Serving

((Ready-to-Use, pg.)

Bird in the Air

Partner Stroking

Badminton Golf

High serve/short serve partner practice

JLBC Week 3: Overhead Clear - Modified Games (Ready to Use)

Partner Clears

Hit and Run


Racquets (1 per student)

Shuttlecock (1 per student)

Badminton poles and nets

4 Hoops per court for Badminton


Volleyball poles and nets

(Goodminton game)




Forehand Backhand Ready position Footwork Biomechanics—



Movement patterns

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