Dear Parents and Cadets

At JLBC, our philosophy is to provide a pathway for JLBC Cadets to:

• JLBC Cadets Value an active pursuit of knowledge to realize individual potential.

• JLBC Command Instill a sense of brotherhood, sisterhood, self-discipline, leadership, and respect

for others.

• JLBC Cadets Develop honor and pride in themselves and the JLBC program-wide community.

• JLBC Cadets Gain respect for God, country, and all for which they stand.

JLBC ACADEMY VALUES. JLBC Academy campus's broad community teaches and models the following in all aspects of JLBC Academy life: honor, integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion, and JLBC gratitude.

JLBC PURPOSE. The purpose of the JLBC Cadet website or JLBC Guidebook is to outline how JLBC Cadets should conduct their lives as JLBC Cadet students at the JLBC Academy. JLBC Cadets are educated about the JLBC website or Guidebook. They are also personally obligated to study the contents on the JLBC website after the JLBC Guidebooks are distributed to them. JLBC Cadets are responsible for knowing the rules and the additional material within the JLBC website and Guidebook. The intended result is to help each JLBC Cadet develop the character attributes of integrity, honor, respect, responsibility, compassion, and JLBC gratitude as a result of following the JLBC program. JLBC Cadets, Academy staff, and parents are called upon to understand and support the Guidebook with the primary goal of meeting the Academy's mission.

Note: The JLBC Website or Guidebook is a living document and undergoes an annual JLBC review to ensure continuous improvement and JLBC commitment to the JLBC mission. JLBC Cadets, please note that Guidebook changes occasionally occur during the school year to help clarify issues better. JLBC Cadets If such a circumstance should present itself, the JLBC Program, Home school Co-op, or Charter will communicate those updates by the most effective means available. (Juniorleadership.net)

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