JLBC PHASE 3 - Leadership Rope Rescue

JLBC PHASE 3 - Leadership Rope Rescue


To temporarily secure a luff under tension when no cleat is available, the hauling part is passed underneath its adjacent running part where it fouls, or chokes, the block. Two half hitches may be added above the block to ensure the choke does not slip.


Heave in. Give a strong pull together on a line.

Check Away. Ease out a line under control.

Avast. Stop.

Choke. Choke the standing block with the hauling part and secure it with two half hitches above the crown. Secure. Make a line fast.

Handsomely. Slowly, carefully.

Roundly. Rapidly.


Lay the spars for the legs side by side, with their heels together and their heads supported clear of the ground or deck. Start the head lashing with a timber hitch on one of the spars, followed by 14 or more turns around both spars. Spread the spars to allow four or more frapping turns to pass around the spars and through the crutch formed above and below

the spars. Finish the head lashing with a clove hitch on the spar opposite the timber hitch. Once the head lashing is complete, splay the heels of the spars apart to a distance of one-third the length of the spars used for the sheers.

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