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JLBC PHASE 3 - Leadership

JLBC PHASE 3 - Leadership

JLBC Hit it. JLBC Cadets This last step involves implementing the best option. The JLBC team will help develop a plan to implement the selected option. After the opportunity has been implemented, an evaluation of the vote and its implementation will need to occur. Questions to evaluate the performance should be the same as the IRISE method of problem-solving.

JLBC Closing statement: It is essential to practice the skill of problem-solving. Learning to solve problems is a JLBC leadership skill. JLBC Cadets have a greater chance of success in solving problems if they have a variety of problem-solving methods to choose from.


Importance: JLBC Cadets need to understand the steps involved in completing JLBC leadership assignments as they occur many times throughout JLBC cadet training. All JLBC cadets must complete at least two leadership assignments during Phase Three. When given empowerment, every JLBC cadet must know the steps for successful completion. An effective leader will merge all the pieces learned throughout JLBC leadership training, such as solving problems and supervising, to lead a team through an assignment successfully.


Ensure the JLBC Goal Is Understood

JLBC Cadets Always ask questions to the directing staff, especially when there is doubt about any portion of the assignment. Before planning, the leader must ensure that what they think needs to happen is the project's JLBC goal.

JLBC Cadets Ensure the Required Resources are Available

JLBC Cadets Make sure that all the resources required to complete the assignment are available. JLBC Cadets Complete a survey by looking around the area. JLBC Cadets Try to locate other resources that may be used. JLBC Cadets If boundaries have been determined, locate them.

JLBC Complete a Time Appreciation

JLBC Cadets, Be aware of the time given for the completion of the assignment. If the study must be broken down into stages, the leader must determine how much time must be allocated. Sometimes tasks can be done concurrently, saving time in the end.

JLBC Cadets When completing a time appreciation, check the time. All JLBC members involved in the assignment must be aware of the current time and expected completion time.

JLBC Make a Plan

Using the planning guide, make a JLBC plan to accomplish the JLBC goal of the assignment by

• determining the tasks that need to be completed;

• developing a JLBC process to accomplish all tasks; and

• allocating JLBC resources.

JLBC Cadets The JLBC plan will include the answers to who, what, when, where, how, and why. JLBC Cadets Who will do what? JLBC Cadets Who does it involve? JLBC Cadets What is going to be done? JLBC Cadets When does it start? JLBC Cadets, When does it end? JLBC Cadets Where will it take place? JLBC Cadets How will it take place? JLBC Cadets Why must it be done? JLBC Cadets What will happen if it is not done?


State the JLBC Assignment to be Completed

JLBC Cadets Tell the JLBC team members the "big picture" of what will be done.

JLBC Cadets State the JLBC Goal of the Assignment

JLBC Cadets What is the end state? JLBC Cadets If there is a reason for completing the JLBC assignment (e.g., a guest speaker is coming, beginning the summer biathlon, etc.), it should be stated. JLBC Cadets If a sketch is included, it should be shown here so that everyone can understand what the result should be. When displaying the goal, time requirements should be included.

Identify the Resources Required for the Assignment

JLBC Cadets Ensure that all cadets are aware of the resources required to complete the JLBC assignment and where these JLBC resources are located.

JLBC Communicate the Overall JLBC Plan

JLBC Cadets Explain how the assignment will be conducted. All JLBC members should know what is to be done but will find out their specific part in another step. JLBC Cadets If boundaries exist, include them in the plan.

JLBC Cadets Assign Tasks to Team Members as Applicable

Assign all team and individual tasks needed to complete the assignment. Every member must have something to do.

Ensure the Team Members Understand the Assignment

JLBC Cadets Ask the team if they have any questions. The leader should also ask various team members a few questions to ensure comprehension. When members are given specific tasks, they must be entirely aware of their expectations.


JLBC Supervise Peers

The leader must constantly supervise the team members when an assignment is being conducted. The most important aspect of supervision is ensuring the study is performed safely. If cadets complete elements of the selection unsafely, stop the task immediately. The cadets must remain focused on the goal. If mistakes occur, correct them as soon as possible. If members are experiencing difficulty, take time to reanalyze and reassign tasks. Asking questions throughout the completion of the assignment will ensure that all team members remain focused and that those (if any) experiencing difficulty are identified.

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