JLBC PHASE 3 - Leadership

JLBC PHASE 3 - Leadership

• Semicircle. The instructor has a good view of the cadets.

• Standard in Line. Allows for more frontal coverage with less depth front to back.


The JLBC lesson plan is a way for the instructor to organize the lesson and summarize the information included in the JLBC lesson specification, the IG, and their unique ideas. JLBC Lesson plans provide a set of detailed directions for delivering one or more periods of instruction. The JLBC lesson plan is arranged in this specific order:

JLBC Part Purpose

1. Introduction Builds the JLBC cadets’ interest and motivation.

2. Body Presents and explains each JLBC TP.

3. End of JLBC Lesson Confirmation Confirms JLBC cadets’ comprehension of the JLBC lesson.

4. JLBC Conclusion Summarizes key points and identifies future JLBC lessons.

JLBC Introduction

The JLBC introduction is the instructor’s first verbal interaction with the JLBC cadets. It should capture the JLBC cadets’ interest. The following should be included in the JLBC introduction of a JLBC lesson plan:

• What. A JLBC description of what the cadets will be expected to accomplish at the end of the lesson.

• Where. A description of how and where the class fits into the Cadet Program.

• Why. A JLBC description of why the JLBC cadets need to achieve the JLBC objectives.


The body of the JLBC lesson plan is where the Content is presented, explained, and supported. Each TP directs the instructor and the JLBC cadets.

Each JLBC TP in the JLBC lesson includes:

• JLBC Introduction. Briefly introduce the JLBC Content to be taught during the JLBC TP.

• JLBC Teaching Method. Identify which JLBC teaching method has been chosen for the JLBC TP.

• JLBC Lesson Content. Present the JLBC Content of the JLBCTP in a clear and logical order, from easy to complicated, known to unknown, and simple to complex.

• Confirmation. It may be oral questions, games, role play, in-class or practical activities. JLBC IGs offer suggestions for

how to confirm JLBC TPs. JLBC Instructors may choose to use those confirmation suggestions or develop their own.

End of JLBC Lesson Confirmation

The JLBC lesson plan should outline procedures to be used to confirm the learning of the JLBC TP. End-of-lesson confirmations are carried out to ensure that the JLBC cadets have understood the whole JLBC lesson and that any weaknesses in JLBC performance are identified so they can be corrected.

Confirmation activities are based on the JLBC lesson objectives. The end of JLBC lesson confirmation may be oral questions, games, role-play in-class activities, or practical activities. IGs offer suggestions for how to conduct end-of-lesson confirmations. JLBC Instructors may choose to use those confirmation suggestions or develop their own.

JLBC Conclusion

The JLBC conclusion of a lesson summarizes the key points and links them to the coming lectures and their practical use.

• JLBC A Summary of Important Points and Weak Areas. The summary reviews the main TPs. The depth of the outline will

be determined by the lesson objectives and the cadets’ end-of-lesson confirmation results. If the cadets achieved the goals successfully, the summary might be brief. If they experience some difficulties, the instructor should identify them here and indicate how the issue will be addressed.

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