-Apply the concepts of physical fitness and wellness.

-Reduce the risk of health problems related to the lack of exercise.

-Apply the basic concepts of cardio-respiratory fitness.

- Understand the FIT Principals.

- Understand the importance of performing a daily activity with vigor.

- Understand the value of participation in a variety of physical activities.

- Reduce the health risk of health problems related to the lack of exercise.

- Maintain a caloric balance of exercise and eating.

- Students will understand the benefits of good posture.

- Students will understand ways to improve their posture.

- Know how exercise affects their heart rate.

JLBC Cadets What does it mean to be Physically Fit?

Body composition is an essential part of fitness.

-You can get fat from not exercising, being inactive, overeating, or not eating correctly.

It is essential to have good posture.

-Good posture helps your bones and body to grow tall and strong.

Your Heart is an important muscle

-Exercise makes your Heartbeat faster

-Exercise causes your heart to take in more oxygen from the lungs

-Your heart rate tells you how hard your heart is working and how to fit you are.

JLBC Cadets' Muscles are an essential part of the body.

- Muscles help you move, hold your body up and protect bones and organs

Discuss how persons can make or change healthy habits.

JLBC Cadets Discuss what it means to be physically fit.

Discuss how fitness is just one component of overall wellness.

Discuss things that might affect students’ school, grades, and homework.

Discuss how jogging and biking can relieve stress.

Discuss how eating correctly, and exercising can help control body fat.

Discuss the relationship between involvement in physical activity and reduction of stress.

Discuss the model of the Heart. Compare pulse rate after different exercises (walking, jump rope gameplay).

Ask students to sit in a slumped position, then discuss the ill effects of each posture.

Have them feel how various muscles work as they straighten

Be Active Program

Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children



Scissors Newspaper clippings

Food Items Model of Heart Stopwatch Jump Rope Construction Paper

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