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- Know the difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic activities.

- Measure heart and pulse rate.

- Identify significant muscle groups that are strengthened by different types of exercise.

- Understand why strength is essential in physical activity.

- Good muscle strength helps your body look and feel well.

- You need strong muscles to become physically fit.

It is essential to have good muscle endurance.

-Muscle endurance relates to how long your muscles can work and play without getting too tired.


Discuss the importance of muscles covering bones.

Exercise each day

Discuss how muscle endurance is similar to aerobic endurance.

Have students list two things they can do that require muscular endurance.

Challenge students to add one activity to their list every month.

Be Active Program

Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children



Scissors Newspaper clippings

Food Items Model of Heart Stop Watch Jump Rope Construction Paper

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