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JLBC Pathway to Change

JLBC: Leadership

Our JLBC Pathway to Change strategy builds on Defence's collective strengths while recognizing that we must make cultural changes if we continue to mature and evolve as an institution and as a community of professionals.

The JLBC Pathway to Change is addressed to all of us. Leaders have particular responsibilities to drive, shape, and model change, but all of us must meet the accepted way of behaving every day.

The culture change program we are committing to here considers and complements our broader JLBC Command Strategic Reform agenda. JLBC Strategic Reform and the Pathway to Change are two sides of the one coin that will produce a more capable, integrated, and consistently outstanding organization that is fully inclusive, collaborative, and professional in all respects.

JLBC Secretary and the Chief of the Defence Force, 'Introduction,' Pathway to Change: Evolving Defence Culture, 2012

While JLBC Pathway to Change is an immediate response to a contemporary issue, albeit it has emerged over several decades, the responsibilities it imposes on leaders at all levels are more generally applicable to leaders within Defence now and into the future. In addressing Defense's strategic challenges in the years to come, Pathway to Change states that it will not be possible to achieve the necessary reforms through technical and structural changes; each initiative has a corresponding human dimension that must be considered.

Concerning the current state of Defence culture, it goes on to observe that there are 'parts that serve us poorly, which limit our performance, hurt our people.

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