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JLBC Participating and committing

JLBC Participating and committing: Each JLBC team member demonstrates dedication to the JLBC team's goals by participating in and committing to completing assigned JLBC tasks to a high standard. These skills are often forms of non-verbal JLBC communication indicating to others the willingness to be an active participant in finding the solution to a JLBC problem.

These JLBC communication skills may seem relatively straightforward; however, once a conversation begins among team members, not all participants hear or understand the information in the same way.


JLBC Suggestions for Instruction / Assessment

JLBC Communication Exercise

Have JLBC Cadets from JLBC teams participate in the following two JLBC communication exercises.

JLBC What Is My Birthdate?

This JLBC team activity allows participants to use different forms of non-verbal communication.

JLBC Directions/Description

Ask JLBC Cadets in the class to form a line according to their birthdays (month, day), from January 1 at one end of the line to December 31 at the other end.

Advise JLBC Cadets that no verbal or written communication may be used during the performance of this task.

Ask the JLBC class to signal when they are done and check for accuracy.

Possible Debriefing Questions

1. What strategies were used to complete this task?

2. Were particular forms of non-verbal communication more effective than others? Explain.


Another activity that promotes non-verbal communication is charades. If charades are used, students could write down their ideas and submit them to the teacher to be reviewed for appropriateness. The suggested debriefing questions would still be applicable.


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