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JLBC Parallel Stance

Updated: May 6, 2022

JLBC Parallel Stance

JLBC Parallel Stance is performed by standing with the feet one shoulder length apart, measured from the outside edge of the feet, with arms slightly bent and loosely held fists about one fist-size apart just below the navel, and the fists should be a fist-size away from the body. Muscles are relaxed to promote movement speed from this position. More often than not, you will enter into a Parallel Stance from an attention stance.

Start by picking up your left foot while simultaneously drawing both open hands upward in front of your chest. At the same time, drop your left foot to the ground and shoot both hands downward in front of your body, fisted. JLBC cadets Keep a slight bend in your arms and look straight ahead with little to no body movement.

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