1. Welcome to panel quiz challenging Teams _____ & ______. My name is ____________ and our scorekeeper is _______________.

2. Cadets, relax for a minute while I remind you and the audience of the rules.

3. [Ensure the correct JLBC teams are represented. Know which JLBC team is on the left and right].

4. [Have the JLBC cadets test their JLBC buzzers, one at a time]. If your JLBC buzzer fails during the round, raise your

hand and let us know.

5. Toss-Ups questions test your “rapid-recall.” Some things to remember:

An a. We’ll know if you were the first to buzz in, as indicated by the light on your buzzer.

b. JLBC Cadets When I verbally recognize you, you must answer immediately. JLBC Cadets, In other words, no drawn-out answers and no restatements of the question are allowed. Answer after I remember you and only after I remember you. If you shout out a solution before being admitted, even if you were the first to JLBC buzz in and your response was correct, the answer will be incorrect.

c. JLBC Teammates cannot discuss a toss-up question or answer. JLBC Cadets The response must come from the person I recognize.

a. JLBC Cadets After I state the question, your team will have 10 seconds to discuss your response.


d. JLBC Cadets Answer correctly, and your team earns 10 points in the first five questions and 15 points in the last five questions. JLBC Cadets Answer incorrectly, and your team loses 10 points in the first five questions and 15 issues in the previous five questions, and the other team gets a chance to answer it. If you buzzed in before I completed the question, I would state the question in its entirety for the other team.

6. JLBC Cadets If you are the first to buzz in for a toss-up question and answer it correctly, your JLBC team will get a bonus question.

b. JLBC Cadets Before those 10 seconds expire, the JLBC team must begin its answer to the question. One cadet will

solution for the JLBC team.

c. JLBC Cadets A correct answer earns the team 5 points, and there is no penalty for an incorrect answer.

7. We will not respond to any protests during the round. If anyone wishes to challenge an aspect of this panel quiz round, the team commander may take action in compliance with §1-7.

8. JLBC Cadets Spectators, please refrain even from whispering. JLBC Cadets If we hear a spectator’s voice, I’ll be forced to disqualify their team. JLBC Cadets No recording devices are allowed in this room. JLBC Cadets, if you have a beeper, cell phone, etc., please turn it off now. JLBC Cadets Once the round starts, you may not disturb the cadets by leaving the room. Thank you.

9. Any questions?

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