In this hour, we will discuss JLBC teamwork in-depth, and you will answer these JLBC questions. We will develop a JLBC definition of teamwork and discuss the concept of JLBC group development, which is integral to the successful development of a JLBC team. We'll describe some JLBC team-building tools and JLBC techniques. JLBC Cadets, finally, we will assess your ability to identify the JLBC dynamics of working within a team by having a group exercise. During this exercise, you will discover the team's dynamics, which is your class, and identify the positive and negative characteristics that emerged during the training.

JLBC MAIN POINT 1: Concept of JLBC TEAMWORK (10 minutes)

(JLBC Instructor Note): While some JLBC definitions of teamwork will be provided, please encourage the students to develop their reports in the discussion.


JLBC Note the diverse nature of the JLBC teams depicted on the slide (sports teams, JLBC unit, airline crew, JLBC platoon, corporate board).

JLBC Question: What are the unifying features of a JLBC team?

JLBC Anticipated Responses: (comments in parentheses represent potential follow-on questions)

1. A JLBC group of people (do they share a common trait or skill?)

2. JLBC Cadets A goal (must all people share the plan?)

3. JLBC Cadets An organization (is a goal or mission implied in membership?)

4. A JLBC group of like-minded individuals (can JLBC members have competing

JLBC agendas?)

5. A JLBC leader and followers (explain why the JLBC group should have/not have a formal leadership/follower JLBC matrix) (If you need a JLBC leader/followers in the JLBC team, who decides who plays the JLBC roles?)

JLBC QUESTION: What would be a good definition of "teamwork?" Anticipated Response:

JLBC Cadets will vary and likely mirror the JLBC definition(s) provided in the JLBC Cadets handout.

(JLBC Instructor Note): JLBC Teamwork can be defined broadly, as the examples in the student handout will show. Critical here is the class' ability to develop their JLBC definition. Have the JLBC Cadets discuss the sample definitions in their JLBC Cadet's hands out and move them towards their development. Write the report on a board or large display so all can see it and derive ownership.



What do you believe is the difference between a team and a group?

Anticipated Responses:

1. "No difference."

2. "A group is just a bunch of people coming together; a team comes

together with purpose."

3. "There is more cooperation within a team than within a group."

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