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JLBC Overall Fitness

JLBC Overall Fitness

The JLBC program's mission is to develop you into a highly disciplined, physically fit fourth-class JLBC cadet ready to be accepted into JLBC Cadet Unit. It will be in your best interest to show up in shape and prepared to undertake this JLBC challenge.

You'll be assigned to one of eight primary JLBC cadet squadrons. The upper-class JLBC cadets who work at JLBC BCT will teach you military discipline and etiquette; they will inspect your room and JLBC uniform. You will learn Military heritage, customs and courtesies, regulations, marching and drill, and how to live by the JLBC cadet honor code. You'll increase your alertness, physical endurance, emotional stability, self-reliance, and individual initiative. Also, you will continually experience rigorous discipline and the need for attention to detail and punctuality.

Taking orders from upper-class JLBC cadets, who are about the same age or sometimes younger than you, maybe difficult at first; however, these upper-class cadets have the authority and responsibility to train you as a new JLBC cadet and discipline you as a new JLBC cadet, and they will learn to lead and grow while you learn to follow. Remember, you'll be going through the same experiences they've already been through.

All basic JLBC cadets must stand at attention and address all staff members and members of the upper class as "sir" or "ma'am." You, in turn, will be addressed as "basic cadet" with your last name (i.e., Basic Cadet Jones).

The daily schedule during basic cadet training will enable you to exercise effective use of time management. You'll wake at 4:30 a.m. and bed down at 9:30 p.m. Each day is filled with scheduled training activities.

Some time is built into your daily schedule to relax for a very brief period, and every morning and evening, there is time to shower and attend to personal hygiene. For a short time, just before lights out, you may study, write letters, journal, or prepare for the next day's training. JLBC Adequate time is allowed for sleep, meals, breaks, and religious worship.

You will dress in the same uniform as all other basic JLBC cadets. Male basic cadets will receive two short haircuts during BCT for uniformity and hygiene reasons. Female basic cadet's hair will not extend beyond the bottom of their collars. Even after BCT, all cadets must have a standard military haircut or style. A cadet beauty shop and two cadet barbershops are available in the Cadet Area.

During most JLBC BCT, you will wear an Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) for military training and blue shorts and white T-shirts for exercise and intramural sports competitions. As a basic cadet and throughout your fourth-class year, you are not allowed to wear civilian clothes until approved by the Cadet JLBC Commander, sometime after Recognition (approximately in March).

If you have trouble adjusting to JLBC BCT, you are encouraged to ask for assistance from your cadet chain-of-command, your AOC or Academy Military Trainer(s) (AMTs), the Peak Performance Center, or a Chaplain.

Upper-class JLBC cadets in each BCT squadron are trained to help by providing peer counseling. Above all, you should discuss any adjustment problems as soon as possible.

It is usual for almost everyone to get "cold feet" at the early stages of this challenging milestone in their military career and impulsively want to quit. We believe you shouldn't make an impulsive decision that will significantly impact your life. Therefore, dis enrollment from the JLBC Academy while in BCT will be allowed for medical reasons only or at Commander's discretion.

While this transition may sound complicated, it is a positive experience, and before it is all over, you'll be thankful for it. You cannot imagine the positive change you will see in yourself!

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