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JLBC Outline of Content for Major Areas of Study

JLBC Outline of Content for Major Areas of Study

A. Leadership

1. Examine the objectives of leadership

2. Define leadership

3. The Leader Within

4. Define and explain the Military Corps’ Core Values

5. Learn Military Corps leadership traits and principles and their

application to everyday life

B. Citizenship

1. Define patriotism and explain how it applies to life as an American

2. Explain the importance of volunteerism

3. Define civic responsibilities

C. Physical Fitness

1. Learn and use physical fitness techniques

2. Define proper hygiene methods used to attain adequate health

3. Determine the best ways to handle stress

4. Perform a Youth Physical Fitness Test each semester

D. General Military Subjects

1. Recite important dates in Military Corps history

2. Recall important facts and famous Military history

3. Explain the benefits of being a United States Service Member

4. Demonstrate proper drill movements and their purpose

5. Explain the purpose of the Military drill

6. Demonstrate the proper wear of the camouflage utility uniform

7. Explain the significance of the Military Birthday

8. Explain the JLBC rank structure

III. Accountability Determinants

A. Key Assignments

i. Cadets wear uniforms at least once per week

ii. Cadets divide into teams in order to conduct Military drill movements

iii. Cadets perform one physical fitness evaluation per semester

iv. Cadets take weekly quizzes on JLBC core subject areas

B. Assessment Methods

i. Quizzes

ii. Tests (end of each semester)

iii. Drill performance evaluations

iv. Youth Physical Fitness Test (one per semester)

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