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JLBC Our Staff

JLBC Our Staff

JLBC staff come with a comprehensive background of education and experience. Our staff must undergo a rigorous screening process that includes demonstrating their values and skills, providing a police reference check renewed every three years, and holding a valid standard first aid and CPR certification. Once selected, new JLBC staff participates in orientation and training on JLBC policies and procedures.

Prohibited Practices:

A prohibited practice is any behavior by a staff that puts a person at risk, or that can inhibit a person’s growth, self-esteem, or healthy development. All JLBC staff know that the following practices are unacceptable at the JLBC Program and Martial Arts Training Centre.

- Corporal punishment

Physical restraint of a child, such as confined to a chair or other device for discipline in lieu of supervision, unless the physical restraint is to prevent a child from hurting themselves or others. JLBC Cadets It is used only as a last resort and only until the risk of injury is no longer imminent.

- Any form of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, or neglect)

- Depriving a person of basic needs, including food, drink, toilet use, or clothing.

- Inflicting any bodily harm on a person.

- Leaving children unsupervised.

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