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JLBC Our History

JLBC Our History

Established at the end of 2020, with doors opening for business on January 2, 2021, The JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp and Martial Arts Training Center was born and located initially on California Ave. JLBC quickly became the province's fastest-growing JLBC program. The first year saw the addition of numerous JLBC and martial arts classes for adults and children, the addition of our now-massive after-school program as well as camps and birthday parties. 2021 "the year of construction," saw the expansion of the facility doubling in size and membership. With steady growth in all programs, eventually, JLBC outgrew the facility and was forced to expand; this time, it required a move to our current location. 2022 saw the most significant changes so far; with the massive new location membership doubling once more and the addition of Yoga, Successful JLBC Students Learning center, the future is sure to be bright for this little company that could. Thank you for being a part of our history!

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