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JLBC Our Families Our Partners

JLBC Our Families Our Partners

Diversity and Social Inclusion

JLBC is committed to creating and sustaining an environment that celebrates diversity and appreciates the dignity and worth of all community members. We are committed to pursuing equality and creating an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and barriers to equal opportunity.

JLBC programs are designed to develop people in spirit, mind, and body. We believe every person is unique and adds value to our programs. JLBC staff strives to ensure the environment and programs are adapted to meet the needs of all people.

Resolving Concerns and Issues

JLBC staff is committed to connecting, partnering, and engaging people to provide the best possible programs for everyone.

In situations where issues or concerns arise, JLBCstaff will, together with families and JLBC management, work as a team to resolve in a timely, confidential, fair, and consistent manner. It is expected that concerns and issues will be resolved in a respectful way in keeping with the JLBC values (caring, health, honesty, inclusiveness, respect, and responsibility).

Members Protection

Everyone, including members of the public and professionals who work closely with people, share a responsibility to protect children and vulnerable persons from harm. JLBC recognizes its responsibility to promote safe environments and practices to protect children and vulnerable persons.

JLBC staff is trained to recognize the indicators of neglect and abuse and are required to report any suspicions that a child or person may need protection. JLBC team must ensure all reports are kept confidential, including only discussing with the family that the information has been made if the child protection agency authorizes them.

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