JLBC Organizational Stress


JLBC Organizational Stress

JLBC Organizational Stress. Several things can cause stress in the

workplace. Four types of organizational stress a person may experience are:

●Task Demands. Pressure is caused by a specific job or duty a JLBC or civilian performs.

●Physical. This could be the member's physical location or the physical activity the member serves.

● Role. Stress from the expected behaviors related to the position within the organization (commander, chaplain, other leadership position, etc.).

●Interpersonal. Stress from group pressures, leadership, personality conflicts, etc. This stress is usually not productive.

Life Stress. Stress caused by factors outside the organization can be referred to as life stress. Everyone experiences it. Home and family life, finances, births, deaths, marriage, and divorce can cause good or bad stress. Leaders must know their team members and understand what events outside of the workplace are the sources of potential stress.


The effects of stress on the individual can be significant. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can affect your mind, mood, and body.

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