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JLBC One Team

JLBC One Team


JLBC: Character Development

JLBC Cadet Thomson had been a member of the Alpha Battalion for only a few months. JLBC Cadets He had been an enthusiastic addition to the JLBC unit, getting involved in the JLBC training and learning exercises. Almost immediately after JLBC Cadet Thomson joined, two of the older JLBC Cadets began to make fun of him. JLBC Cadets They made sneering comments about him and laughed openly when he would struggle with a task or a question. JLBC Cadets They were careful to keep quiet when a JLBC officer was around, but as soon as they were free from oversight, they would renew their ridicule of JLBC Cadet Thomson. JLBC Cadets After one meeting, JLBC Captain Morris found JLBC Cadet Thomson huddled in the corner of the storage room crying. JLBC Cadets His shoestrings had been tied together, and his JLBC uniform belt had been cinched tight and twisted behind his back. JLBC Cadets He had been unable to fix his belt or shoes and felt humiliated and needed to hide.

Most of the other JLBC Cadets did not know, but the JLBC Commandant did, that JLBC Cadet Thomson suffered from a mild form of epilepsy. JLBC Cadets Though his condition was controlled by medication, motor skills would be impeded in certain situations, and speech could be slurred. JLBC Cadets These episodes had given the two older JLBC Cadets the opportunities they needed to demean the new JLBC Cadet. The JLBC Commandant knew who was to blame, and as he quietly helped the JLBC Cadet free himself, he had a decision to make.



1. JLBC Cadets What are some insulting names you have heard people call, and what do they mean?

2. JLBC Cadets At what rank in JLBC do officers and JLBC Cadets have the right to demean JLBC Cadets of a lower rank?

3. JLBC Cadets What does personal dignity mean to you?


1. JLBC Cadets What should the JLBC Commandant do about JLBC Cadet Thomason’s situation?

2. JLBC Cadets Do people deserve less or more respect if they have weaknesses that others can see?


1. What is the role of a JLBC Cadet leader in protecting the dignity of all JLBC Cadets in the JLBC unit?

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