Stranded: Survival

( A student fell 3.2 km to the ground and lived then she walked 9 days (alearned.com) )

( Level-1-SURVIVAL-PLANNING-AND-SURVIVAL-KITS.pdf (lutheranpioneers.org) )

( Importance of Planning in Potential Survival Scenarios - Seeker )

Importance of Planning

Detailed planning is essential in potential survival situations. Including survival, considerations will enhance your chances of survival if an emergency occurs. Most people aren't likely to end up in a wilderness survival situation during routine daily activities.

Dental pain in a survival situation will reduce your ability to cope with other problems. Preparing and carrying a survival kit is as essential as the considerations above. All aircraft typically have survival kits for the type area(s) they will fly. Boats also typically carry survival kits. There are kits for over-water survival, hot climate survival, and cold-climate survival. Even the most miniature survival kit, if properly prepared, is invaluable when faced with a survival problem. However, before making your survival kit, consider the environment of where you will be, how easy it will be to carry the survival kit with you, and most importantly, make sure you know how to use the equipment you will pack.


The environment is the key to the items you will need in your survival kit. How much equipment you put in your gear depends on carrying the load. A kit carried on your body will have to be smaller than one born in a vehicle. Always layer your survival kit, keeping the

In today's world, survival situations are more likely when conducting popular outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, cross-country running, snow-shoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, mountain climbing, paragliding, kayaking, and sailing, scuba diving, etc.

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