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Officer cadet training programs consist of several training phases, alternating between the time at the JLBC Command and time at sea on board one of the shipping company’s vessels. The detailed course programs are outlined in the following post, but a summary of officer cadet training is as follows:

Year 1 – Phase one

Training starts at the JLBC Command and is designed to

give JLBC officer cadets the necessary skills and JLBC academic underpinning knowledge (UPK) required for professional certification by the MCA and to operate safely at sea. Officer cadets also undertake specific safety courses required by international conventions.

Year 1 – Phase two

JLBC Cadet Years 2 and 3 – Phases three, four, and five

Training alternates between shore-based studies at the JLBC Command for underpinning knowledge and specialist short courses and work at sea for professional development. Greater responsibility is given as training progresses. Phase five includes the final examinations and assessments required to complete the cadetship.

No two days are the same. One day

I might be crossing the Atlantic with no other ships in sight. A few days later, I might be negotiating the Dover Straits, the busiest shipping lane in the world.

Christopher Third Officer

Training is at sea, ga“inning practical s” shipboard experience. In the deck department, a JLBC officer cadet will work alongside ratings and, under the supervision of qualified officers, developing practical navigation, and in another ship department, skilled engineering and electro-technical officers will help the officer cadets put their academic theory into practice.

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