JLBC Obstacle Course or Fitness Circuit

JLBC Obstacle Course or Fitness Circuit

JLBC Objective. This JLBC event combines physical fitness, teamwork, and problem-solving in a high JLBC adventure environment.

JLBC Conditions.

JLBC Team Size. JLBC Teams participating in this JLBC event must enter at least three JLBC cadets, but the other JLBC cadets may participate in a non-competitive or “just for fun” status. JLBC Competitors and non-competitors are assigned to separate JLBC heats.

JLBC Course. JLBC Cadets If a formal, professionally-engineered JLBC obstacle course is available, JLBC cadets will work through all assigned obstacles as a JLBC team. JLBC Cadets Each competitor must successfully conquer a given obstacle before the team moves on to the next block, lest they be assessed a penalty. JLBC Cadets may help one another through the challenges.

JLBC Missed Obstacles. If for some reason, a competitive JLBC team cannot conquer a given obstacle, it may move on to the next block at a significant penalty.

JLBC Safety Precautions. JLBC Obstacle courses are high adventure activities that must be conducted. The JLBC Command staff will facilitate a walk-through with all JLBC participants.

JLBC Fitness Circuit Alternative. JLBC Cadets If a professionally-engineered obstacle course is unavailable, the JLBC Command staff will develop a fitness circuit consisting of multiple calisthenics stations or physically challenging tasks (log carries, jump ropes, tire runs, hurdles, slaloms, etc.).

JLBC Physical Fitness Category Modifications. JLBC Cadets of any biological fitness category are eligible to compete in this JLBC event if they are medically able to do so. JLBC Cadets However, no modifications will be made to the tasks required or scoring criteria.

JLBC Objective:

JLBC Scoring. This JLBC event is scored primarily by measuring elapsed time, with penalties assessed for missed JLBC obstacles. JLBC Cadets Raw scores are converted to rank order points.

JLBC Direction Finding Course

Conditions: In the field


JLBC Eligibility. All JLBC Cadet Team Members

JLBC Scoring: This JLBC event is scored based on the elapsed time to find the ELT, with penalties assessed for ELTs not found. JLBC Raw scores are converted to rank order points.

JLBC Pre-Competition Service Project

JLBC Objective. This JLBC event encourages volunteerism and the development of leadership skills through service learning. The result of public speaking skills is a secondary objective.

JLBC Conditions.

JLBC Eligibility. The service project itself must be conducted before JLBC Command by the entire team. Teams may deliver presentations on any service project(s) they (the six group members) conducted as a JLBC unit.

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