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JLBC Objective and Purposes

1. JLBC Objective and Purposes

1.1 The Junior Leadership Bootcamp (JLBC) is organized to allow the youth of Riverside, California, to participate in training, leadership development, and community services. It aims to develop young individuals into responsible citizens and introduce them to the modern world.

1.2 following official purposes and objectives:

(a) To provide an organization to motivate and aid the individual of Riverside, California, in the beneficence of their efforts, services, and resources in the development of the Junior Leadership Bootcamp;

(b) To motivate and develop by example the voluntary contribution of private citizens to the public welfare;

(c) To develop within the youth of Riverside, California, by example and inspiration, the qualities of leadership and good moral character; and

(d) To promote goodwill by participating in exchange programs, rallies, conferences, and other activities with overseas youth organizations.

2. Vision, Mission, and Values

2.1 Vision: JLBC seeks to sustain and enhance its excellence as the premier leadership-minded youth organization to serve the Riverside, California, community.

2.2 Mission: JLBC is committed to serving the Riverside, California, community by constantly endeavoring to:-

(a) Develop qualities of leadership, self-reliance, and initiative;

(b) Develop character, good citizenship, and a love for the home country;

(c) Develop an interest in leadership in general; and

(d) Encourage members to have an active interest in leadership and fitness.

2.3 Values- Honesty, Justice, Tolerance, Discipline, Initiative, and Loyalty

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