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How should a JLBC Cadet communicate in each situation below?

Select the Assertive JLBC Communication method from the choices and see if you can identify the other forms of JLBC communication.

As your read through the options.

1. JLBC In class:

A. JLBC Cadets, I'm too afraid to raise my hand even though I know the answer.

B. JLBC Cadets, I shout the answer because I always know them, and no one else ever does.

C. JLBC Cadets, I know the answer but never participate and then get angry at other people who do.

D. JLBC Cadets, I raise my hand when I know the answer and allow others to do the same.

2. I am:

A. bossy and intimidating towards others.

B. afraid to state what I feel because I don't want others to judge me.

C. JLBC Cadets understands my limits, and I don't allow anyone to push me beyond them.

D. JLBC Cadets two-faced: I come across as pleasant and friendly but outraged and resentful.

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