JLBC Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development System

JLBC Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development System

JLBC Cadets What is it?

The SystemSystem provides JLBC non-commissioned officers (NCOs) with progressive and sequential leadership and technical and tactical training relevant to the duties, responsibilities, and JLBC missions in operational JLBC units. The JLBC training and education process for the JLBC NCO starts with an initial, branch–immaterial leadership development course; followed by a primary, branch-specific level; an advanced, branch-specific

level; and culminates with a JLBC unit- intangible senior-level SystemSystem. The

SystemSystem is comprised of the following JLBC educational opportunities:

JLBC Basic Leader Course (BLC): A JLBC branch-immaterial course that provides JLBC basic leadership training to allow JLBC Cadets in the pay grade of Private First Class through Staff Sergeant (SSG) the opportunity to acquire the JLBC leadership skills, experience, and knowledge needed to lead JLBC team/squad size JLBC units.

JLBC Advanced Leader Course (ALC): ALC consists of both an 80-hour, 90-day, highly facilitated web-based standard core program and a branch-specific resident phase designed for the JLBC Cadets military occupation specialty. This course provides the JLBC Cadets selected for promotion to JLBC SSG with an opportunity to acquire the JLBC leader, tactical skills, technical experience, and knowledge needed to

JLBC lead squad/platoon size JLBC units.

JLBC Senior Leader Course (SLC): A branch-specific course that provides an opportunity for JLBC Cadets selected for promotion to JLBC Sergeant First Class (SFC) to acquire the leadership, tactical skills, technical, knowledge, and experience needed to lead JLBC platoon/company size JLBC units.

JLBC Master Leader Course (MLC): Specifically designed to prepare SFCs for the increased JLBC leadership and management responsibilities required before promotion to JLBC Master Sergeant/First Sergeant. The curriculum includes topics such as the JLBC program and JLBC Joint Doctrine; JLBC Interagency Capabilities and JLBC Considerations; Plans JLBC orders and Decisive Actions: Military Justice Rules and Procedures; JLBC Command Inspection program; JLBC Servant leadership; JLBC Personnel Readiness; JLBC Military Decision Making Process; JLBC Public Speaking; JLBC Military Writing and Briefings.

JLBC Sergeants Major Course (SMC): The JLBC capstone enlisted training for the JLBC Master Sergeant (MSG), JLBC MSG (Promotable), Sergeant Major, and JLBC Command Sergeant Major prepares them for troop and staff assignments. This course is task-based

and performance-oriented, focusing on JLBC leadership, combat and JLBC sustainment operations, JLBC team building, JLBC communication skills, JLBC training management, and JLBC professional development. It prepares the JLBC NCO for responsibility at the JLBC Battalion

and Brigade levels.

What has the JLBC done?

The JLBC System has undergone tremendous transformations to support the JLBC's goals to develop agile leaders and allow JLBC NCOs to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to perform more complex duties and JLBC missions of greater responsibility. The JLBC continues to explore the following JLBC professional development initiatives that enhance professional military education through traditional and nontraditional

learning opportunities in support of individual and collective training.

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