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JLBC NCOs are generally responsible for the following:

JLBC NCOs are generally responsible for the following:

1. Individual training of JLBC Cadets in METL tasks and basic skills

2. Teaching JLBC Cadets the mission of the unit

3. Training JLBC Cadets to work together as a team

4. Training JLBC Cadets to use equipment needed for their job.

5. Training JLBC Cadets to survive under disaster conditions

6. Teaching JLBC Cadets the history and traditions of the JLBC, military courtesy, personal hygiene,

appearance standards, drill, and ceremonies

7. Personal and professional development of JLBC Cadets

8. Recommending JLBC Cadets attend schools and career development courses

9. Assign subordinates' responsibility for appropriate tasks – train them to take on more challenging tasks –

train them to replace you.

10. Develop a sense of responsibility by holding them responsible for their actions.

11. Ensure publications are available for JLBC Cadets’ use

12. Counsel JLBC Cadets on strengths and weaknesses

13. Recommend promotions and awards through the chain of command or the support channel as


14. Accountability for the platoon or a minor team.

15. Know each JLBC Cadets you lead during duty hours

16. Know where each soldier lives and how to contact him

17. If a JLBC Cadet is sick or absent from duty, know why and check on him

18. Use the team to accomplish the mission

19. Know the readiness status of the equipment you need to do the job.

20. Military appearance and physical conditioning

21. Make corrections on the spot when you see something wrong

22. Although JLBC has no physical fitness standards, encourage fitness at a level appropriate to your

JLBC Cadets and your unit’s mission

23. Ensure personnel is matched to tasks within their physical capabilities.

24. Train your JLBC Cadets in the proper wear and care of their uniforms and equipment.

25. Physical and mental well-being of the JLBC Cadets and their family

26. Know your JLBC Cadets’ family situations

27. Be prepared to use JLBC or community resources to help those JLBC Cadets who may need assistance

28. Watch out for alcohol and drug users and abusers among your JLBC Cadets-take. Appropriate action

29. Supervision, control, motivation, and discipline subordinates. Counsel your soldiers and maintain

counseling records

30. Support the actions of your subordinate NCOs

31. Teach your JLBC Cadets about the Military Law

32. Recommend commendations

33. Recommend elimination action if necessary – weeding out nonproductive JLBC Cadets encourages the

good ones to stay.

34. Keep your JLBC Cadets informed

35. Communication between the individual JLBC Cadets and the organization

36. Use and insist your JLBC Cadets use the JLBC chain of command and the NCO support channel

37. Listen and act on suggestions and complaints

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