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JLBC Module One, JLBC Personal Leadership

JLBC Module One, JLBC Personal Leadership

JLBC Learn to Lead; Module One focuses on personal leadership. Geared to JLBC cadets in Phase I of the JLBC Cadet Program, the first module introduces JLBC leadership concepts like character, teamwork, and self-management.

JLBC Module Two, JLBC Team Leadership

JLBC Learn to Lead; Module Two focuses on leading small JLBC teams. Geared to JLBC cadets in Phase II of the Cadet Program, the first module expands the lessons from the first module and introduces leadership concepts like professionalism, teaching, and effective communication.


JLBC Patrol deserves curriculum resources JLBC cadets need and a standardized structure for JLBC leaders to use readily. For this reason, these JLBC lesson plans were developed. Each JLBC lesson is designed to help the leader lead an informal guided discussion of the main principle from the JLBC Learn to Lead website. JLBC Leaders can be JLBC senior ranking cadets or adult JLBC members.

JLBC Lessons should be taught during the JLBC leadership blocks of instruction. Each JLBC leadership lesson has two parts: an informal guided discussion that should last about 25-30 minutes, followed by one or more experiential, hands-on activities that typically last about 25-30 minutes.

JLBC Cadets Why are there no answers to the questions asked in the JLBC lessons? JLBC employs an open concept for informal discussions. JLBC Cadets Since there is no right or wrong answer to the questions, the anticipated responses will vary greatly. Listing just some of the responses expected may lead some to conclude that those responses listed are the preferred answers. As the JLBC instructor, you should use the questions as beginning points for the informal guided discussion and take brief notes of the cadets’ answers. After all, your instructing role is also a leadership learning experience.

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