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JLBC Module: Leadership & Teamwork

JLBC Module: Leadership & Teamwork

JLBC Facilitator’s

JLBC Facilitators Tool: Leadership Styles

Give each group one type of leadership style:

The “Authoritarian” Leader:

Identifies a problem, considers alternative solutions, chooses one of them, and then tells followers what they are to do.

May or may not consider what the group will think or feel about the

decision, but they clearly do not participate in the decision-­­making. Assigns roles.

Relies primarily on his or her own judgment.

The “Persuading” leader:

• Like the “Authoritarian” leader, he makes the decisions without consulting the group. Instead of simply announcing the decision, he or she attempts to persuade the group members to accept the decision.

• Describes how the decision fits everyone’s interests. ­­

The “Consulting” Leader:

• Gives the group a chance to influence the decision from the beginning.

• Presents the problem and relevant background information, then asks the members for their ideas on how to solve the problem.

• May offer a possible solution for the group members’ reaction.

• Selects the solution the members regard as most promising.

The “Joining” Leader:

• Participates in the discussions as “just another” member, agreeing in advance to carry out whatever decision the group makes.

• Encourages group decisions.

• Allows for individual recognition.

• Tends to guide, not rule.

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