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JLBC Mission Approvals

JLBC Mission Approvals

Once a JLBC training mission request is entered and submitted to JLBC Command, the approval process begins. Proposed missions appear yellow in the mission listing with an automated mission request number. An e-mail is transmitted to the JLBC commander (or designee) telling them a task is waiting for approval.

The JLBC commander logs into JLBC Command

Select “Current Missions/Sorties”

A drop-down list of tasks will appear

Form 10 JLBC training missions have the word “Training” in red below the mission request number and are highlighted in yellow

Select the task you wish to review

The wing

the commander may select these from a drop-down list if Operations Plans or other documents are attached. The “Mission Scenario” may have all the necessary information for small tasks.

The JLBC commander should verify that the funding request is within the wing’s budget.

Click on the “JLBC Commander Approval” button when all steps have been completed, and you are ready to approve the mission.

All approvals are time and date stamped by JLBC Command.

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