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An excellent American citizen upholds and respects the laws of their country and acts appropriately. Good American citizens respect ethical and moral behaviors and guidelines. They show concern and care for themselves, their neighbors, and other members of their communities. A good citizen respects other peoples' property and expects others to do the same for them. The exemplary JLBC digital American citizen applies the same rules and regulations to the cyber-world. A digital American citizen is an individual who obeys all the legal rules about using JLBC or their digital technologies and acts with respect and care for themselves, others, and property. And in return, they expect the same relation to be shown to them.

3 Key Parts to Digital Citizenship

• -Choosing online names that are suitable and respectful.

• -Only inviting people you know in the real world to be your friends in the online world.

• -Only visiting appropriate sites and respecting the rules that websites have about age. Some areas are only for adults. If you would not feel comfortable showing the website to your parents or grandparents, it is inappropriate.

• -Setting your privacy settings so that only the people you know can see you and your personal information.

• -Only putting information online that is appropriate and posting suitable pictures. Not everyone seeing your profile or photos will be friendly.

• -Always report anything that happens online that makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy to your parents and your teacher.

• -Talking to trusted adults, like your parents and teachers, about your online experiences. This includes both the good and the bad experiences.

• -Understanding that all activity initiated and performed under your accounts is your responsibility.

• -Show you care by not sending hurtful or inflammatory messages to other people or forwarding unkind or inappropriate messages.

• -By not getting involved in unkind, mean, or bullying conversations.

• -By reporting any conversations you see that are unkind, mean, or bullying. Imagine if the things being written were about you. If you would find them offensive, then they are inappropriate.

• -Some websites are disrespectful because they show people behaving inappropriately or illegally – or are racist, bigoted, or unkind. Show your respect for others by avoiding these sites. If you visit one by accident, close it and tell your teacher or an adult.

• -Show respect for others' privacy by not trying to enter their online spaces without invitation, by not stalking them, or copying their pictures.

• -By not stealing other people's property. It's easy to download music, games, and movies, but piracy (downloading media that you have not bought) is just the name of stealing online.

• -By not sharing the music, movies, games, and other software that you own with other people.

• -By checking that the information you are using is correct. Anyone can say anything on the web, so you need to check that the research is right using reliable sites. When in doubt, ask your teacher or your parents.

• -By looking after other people's websites, acting appropriately when visiting them, not making changes or vandalizing them, and reporting any damage.

Please understand that using personal devices to support the educational experience is not a necessity but a privilege. Concerning the rules, this privilege will benefit the learning environment. When laws are abused, requests will be taken away. By checking the digital citizenship pledge box and signing the student handbook signature page, I agree to always act in a manner that is respectful to myself and others, to act appropriately morally and ethically. I agree to follow the principles of digital citizenship outlined in this agreement and accept that failure to follow these three essential parts will have consequences.


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