Having a good memory means you are good at remembering things. We use our memory to store lots of important information. We store information about the school and Youth Martial Arts. We also use our memories to remember family trips and happy times with our friends. What are some things you have in your memory?

Having good manners means you behave towards people politely. When you have good manners, people are happy to spend time with you and help you with things because your good manners make them feel good. Using please and thank you are two great ways to use reasonable methods. What are some things you do at school to show that you have good manners?

Having patience means waiting calmly and quietly for something without getting frustrated. Sometimes when we are waiting for something fascinating to happen, it is hard to be patient. We must remember that even if we are excited, whining and complaining about how long it takes does not make our exciting event come any sooner. What things were you looking forward to that you had to be patient for?

Respect means treating other people the way you want to be treated. In Youth Martial Arts, we are respectful by using good manners, listening quietly when the teacher is talking, and being kind to our friends. What is some way you can be compliant at home or school?

Having responsibility means having something that you are in charge of doing. At home, you might have the responsibility of taking the trash out. You may be responsible for handing out supplies to your classmates at school. What are some other things you are responsible for?

Teamwork means working together. When we work together to reach a goal, we can get the plan sooner and do a better job running it. For instance, if you need to bring all your groceries from the car into your house, you could certainly get to it yourself. BUT, if you and your mom and your brother use teamwork and ALL bring in groceries, you will finish the job much faster. What are some examples of how you use teamwork?

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